Ilorion Camel Milk Skin Cream

Because the benefits of camel milk are so well known, Ilorion Camel Milk Cream isn’t the only producer of a cosmetic or medical skin care cream made from camel milk. But we do aim to be the best.

Beware of cheap imitations!

Ilorion Camel Milk Cream is:

  • Packed with active ingredients – Ilorion Camel Milk Cream contains 80% camel milk, compared to some camel milk creams which contain as little as 20% camel milk and are mostly made from cheap filler ingredients. Our skin care cream is rich in natural, active ingredients and carefully formulated with other natural skin care products for maximum efficiency. If you find that Ilorion costs slightly more than other camel milk facial creams that’s because it works fast and delivers the best possible results.
  • Toxin free – Ilorion Camel Milk Cream is made from all natural ingredients. Your skin is your largest organ and anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body so we make sure all our products are toxin free.
  • Proven to be effective – As well as being an ancient skin care remedy, modern research has also highlighted the healing properties of camel milk,   finding it provides health benefits for a wide range of health conditions including hepatitis, tuberculosis, autism and diabetes. With our focus on skin care we’re excited by research into its anti-ageing properties and treatment for eczema, acne and rosacea. But all that research just goes to prove what we already know from using the cream ourselves and from amazing feedback from our customers.

Order Ilorion Camel Milk Cream now and see the benefits for yourself.

Your skin will thank you for it.

Lets face it! The mirror reflects our face back to us everyday, so why not make it feel more aglow and smiling with ILORION. I was gifted with the dear, little bamboo tub of this marvelous cream which suits me perfectly as I prefer natural products on my skin. It smells good, feels good, is creamy smooth, looks good enough to eat!
Judy Hosfal, Melbourne