Superior Skin Care, Naturally

Revitalise your skin with the natural healing powers of camel milk.

Combining ancient wisdom from the Middle East with the highest quality and 100% natural Australian products, Ilorion Camel Milk Cream works miracles on skin.

Serving two unique purposes it acts both as:

  • An anti-ageing beauty cream that smoothes fine lines, evens skin tone, tightens the skin and acts as a natural exfoliator.
  • A healing cream that relieves chronic skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.


Naturally rich in proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial agents and alpha-hydroxy acids, camel milk helps skin look younger for longer. With high levels of active ingredients, including 80% camel milk, Ilorion Camel Milk Cream softens, whitens and illuminates skin, evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


Bedouin tribes have been using the healing properties of camel milk for millennia. While Cleopatra bathed in it, Bedouins traditionally use camel milk to create poultices. Modern research has found camel milk contains high levels of cleansing antimicrobials plus insulin and antibodies which fight infections and build immunity to effectively treat skin conditions.

Natural and Toxin Free

Handcrafted in rural Australia we use only the highest quality camel milk and all natural ingredients. Our happy camels roam the bush eating organic grasses and our camel milk cream is blended only from camel milk, pure organic oils and other natural ingredients.

“I have a lovely surprise as a Xmas present, from a friend. It was a cream, I never heard of before. ILORION. My surprise started with the unusual packeging, what I really liked. After I found out about the ingredients, camel milk too, I found the jar reminded me of the camel. Now for the my opinion. I found it is easy to apply, I found after I opened and used, my skin feels smoother. I was use to a cream very greasy, so I will have to get use to it this one. I am already use to it. My skin ( 82 years ) is sure younger. Well now I know what I want for presents in the future”
“I received as a present a jar of Ilorion Camel Milk Cream recently. I was asked to comment on the quality. I have found the cream excellent. I have very sensitive skin, allergic to many product on the market. Living in the sub tropics I perspire profusely especially with some cosmetic products I used in the past. Ilorion Cream is easy to apply and is instantly absorbed by my skin. The presentation of this cream is unique; it has almost a uni-sex appeal. Attractive bamboo box, camel colored print. I can fully recommend this cream for the quality and presentation.”
Donna Borthwick
“Very interested to try this cream as I’ve read rave reports about the beauty and anti-ageing properties of camel milk so wanted to try it for myself. Love the Ilorion bamboo pot and the cream too. It’s quite a thick cream but it dissolves straight into my skin and feels great.

After using it for about four weeks both day and night my skin definitely looks and feels smoother. Knowing that it’s all natural and toxin free is an added bonus.”

Annabel Candy
“I recieved a complimentary jar of the Camel Milk Crean a few weeks ago, the design of the jar already impressed me but when I started using the cream I was totally convinced. It is a beautiful, natural product, my skin feels fresh and smooth, smaller lines disappeared, I don’t think I will
ever use an other cream again it is perfect for day and night, I can highly recommend it.”
Kathy Szentirmai
“I recently tried Ilorion and was delighted. It’s smooth texture and great smell makes it a pleasure to use. It truly moisturizes your skin for hours and keeps it soft and elastic. Camel milk really does the job and gave our skin a unique feel.”
Peter, Switzerland
“Wir testeten das neue Ilorion und waren begeistert. Die Beschaffenheit und der gute Geruch laden zum regelmässigen Auftragen ein. Das feine Produkt wird von der Haut sehr gut aufgenommen und macht sie weich und geschmeidig. Wir waren von der Wirkung der Kamelmilch sehr beeindruckt.”
Madlene, Switzerland